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Pairings for August 18 at Toohey & Sons Organic


Brasserie Dupont Saison Vieille Provision (750 mL) $14.98


Brewed by Brasserie Dupont (one of the oldest breweries in Belgium; established in 1844), Saison Dupont Vieille Provision is a top fermentation beer with refermentation in the bottle.  A benchmark for Saison producers, Brasserie Dupont selects yeasts that create a perfect balance between aroma and palate. A beautifully balanced, complex beer that has a refreshing fruitiness and long, dry finish, Saison Dupont has earthiness, peppery spice, and a classic farmhouse funk. 


2015 Domaine de Reuilly, Pinot Gris Rose Reuilly, Loire Valley, France $29.98

To quote importer Kermit Lynch, “When tasting the wines of Denis Jamain, it’s clear the appellation of Reuilly, in the eastern Loire, is experiencing a renaissance, moving far beyond its former status as the ‘poor man’s Sancerre.’” An appellation ravaged by phylloxera in the late 19th century, it took a strong faith from growers like Camille Rousseau (Denis’s maternal grandfather) in order to rejuvenate Reuilly, thus keeping viticulture and winemaking alive in the region. Rousseau planted his first vines in 1935 in addition to farming a large oak forest on the outskirts of town, passions carried on by his grandson. Today, Denis farms seventeen hectares in Reuilly, eleven planted to Sauvignon Blanc, four planted to Pinot Noir, and the remaining two planted to Pinot Gris for his unique rose. 

Certified Organic as of 2011, the vines are planted on highly coveted Kimmeridgian limestone soil (part of the geological chain that connects the Loire Valley to Chablis in Burgundy and valued for its high marine and shell fossil content dating back 150 million years ago), clay and gravel. Soil and farming techniques translate into the wine in a brilliant representation of terroir. In aging his Pinot Noir, Denis further embodies the aforementioned terroir through use of oak from his grandfather’s forest.

The 2015 Rose of Pinot Gris is a beautiful light, rosy pink, with a bouquet of tangerine, orange blossom, lemon, and pear with a distinct salinity and soft flinty note.  On the palate the wine is crisp with high mineral tones and a gentle finish. At the forefront is a medley of lime zest, citrus leaves, orange rind, grapefruit and white peach.


2015 Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko/Athiri, Santorini, Greece $25.98


Paris Sigalas began Domaine Sigalas out of his home in 1991. Widely considered to be the top producer in Santorini, Sigalas masterfully crafts wines that are bewitching in their expression of terroir and minerality.  Furthermore, Sigalas is a pioneer in organic viticulture and universally praised for his skill with Assyrtiko, a white varietal indigenous to Santorini.


The island of Santorini has one of the most unique terroirs in the world formed in part by one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in human history. Around 1600 BC, a massive volcanic eruption took place on the island creating a tidal wave of magma claiming the lives of millions around the Mediterranean crescent. Thought to be the most powerful volcanic event in the last 10,000 years, the eruption is estimated to have been fifty thousand times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. As a result, the soil of Santorini, known as aspa, is comprised of pumice stone, volcanic ash, lava rocks, and sand. The high content of sand found in the soil makes Santorini one of the rare winemaking areas in the world not attacked by phylloxera allowing the vines to retain their original rootstock.  Strong winds and persistent sun are another characteristic of the terroir of Santorini and in order to protect the grapes, vines are trained in low basket shapes called “ampelies” locally forming a unique pruning system.


A delightful marriage of two grapes that are indigenous to Santorini: Assyrtiko, intense, earthy, and clearly expressing the volcanic island soil; and the more aromatic, quince-scented Athiri variety. A 75%/25% blend of Assyrtiko and Athiri respectively, this wine offers elegant fruit, preserved lemon and white peach, honeysuckle and a Mediterranean herbal character with wonderful mouth-coating texture. 


2015 Ryme Cellars "Hers" Vermentino, Las Brisas Vineyard, Carneros, California $33.98


Ryme Cellars is collaboration between husband and wife, Ryan and Megan Glaab. The couple met and fell in love in Australia working as seasonal cellar hands at Torbreck Winery. Between the two, they have worked at wineries such as Pax Wine Cellars, Peay Vineyards, Sin Qua Non, and Marcassin. They started Ryme in 2007 with one ton of Aglianico and have continued to focus mostly on esoteric Italian varietals.   The couple strives to make wines of distinctive character, tasting terrific on their own, however, truly shining with full expression when coupled with fresh cuisine.  All of the grapes used to make Ryme’s wines come from conscientiously farmed organic and sustainable vineyards. Moreover within the winery itself, they use no cultured yeast, temperature control, or fining or filtering.

Vermentino is a delicious light bodied white wine most commonly produced on the island of Sardinia, northern Italy and areas around the Mediterranean. “Hers” Vermentino is Megan’s interpretation of Vermentino, pressed, settled and bottled early. Ryan likes to pick later, ferment on the skins and age longer. “Hers” is a fresh, zippy wine with aromas and flavors of pear, melon, lime, pink grapefruit, citrus zest, fresh green almond and rocky minerality.

2015 Domaine Comte Abbatucci "Faustine" Blanc, Corsica $61.98


In the colorful, picturesque city of Ajaccio, capital of Corsica, you can’t get very far without seeing the name Abbatucci. There are streets, monuments and plazas that carry the name, which is normal given that General Jean-Charles Abbatucci from Ajaccio was a hero of the French Revolution and comrade in arms of another local hero, Napoléon Bonaparte. Step into a wine bar or a restaurant there, chances are these days they’ll pour you a glass of Domaine Abbatucci. The domaine is run by Jean-Charles Abbatucci, a direct descendant of the General, who has now become a local hero of another kind—for providing the local populace with its most sought-after libation.

The Faustine Blanc comes from 40 year old vines and is 100% Vermentino grown on granitic soils.  The profile is clean and bright with flavors of white peach, apricot, and nectarine.  On the nose, there is a dash of herb and a whisper of sea salt from its proximity to the ocean.  This wine is a fantastic pairing with fresh summer produce!



2013 Domaine Fondreche Rouge, Ventoux France $22.98


Domaine de Fondrèche is the premier producer of wines from Ventoux. Currently Sébastian Vincenti oversees all viticultural and enological activity. His mother Nanou purchased the property in 1973 - and since Sébastian’s return from apprenticeship at Domaine Andre Brunel, the estate has seen a meteoric rise to recognition. The estate is certified organic and practicing biodynamic. Among many a myriad of modern vinification techniques, the estate has introduced the use of concrete, ovoid fermentation tanks. The vineyards are located on the western slope of Mt. Ventoux, largely shielded from the Mistral. The blend of 50% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Mouvedre is hand harvested before a month long fermentation. All wines are fermented with native yeast and aged in equal parts stainless steel, concrete eggs, and large oak foudres a year.


2014 Le Macchiole Bolgheri Rosso, Tuscany, Italy $46.98


Le Macchiole is an excellent representation of a Super-Tuscan (a term used to describe red wines from Tuscany that may include the use of non-indigenous grapes, particularly Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah). 


The creation of super Tuscan wines stemmed from the frustration winemakers had towards Italian wine law in the 1970’s.  They did not want to follow the laws defining Chianti wines and therefore could only label their wines as table wines. However, many winemakers were making wines of much higher quality than than that of a simple table wine.  In light of this frustration, they coined the term Super Tuscan in order to make wine outside of the law but still indicate to the consumer that it was well crafted, high quality wine. 


A mix of Bordelais grapes and Syrah, this Bolgheri Rosso offers all of the full throttle elegance of a high end Bordeaux but maintains its Italian balance and soul.  Black cherry, plum and currants fill the palate supported by hints of cedar, coffee, pepper and fresh herbs.  


2011 Pradeaux Bandol, France $71.98


The Château Pradeaux is situated on the outskirts of the town of Saint Cyr-sur-Mer that lies directly on the Mediterranean Ocean between Toulon and Marseilles. The estate has been in the hands of the Portalis family since before the French Revolution. In fact, Jean-Marie-Etienne Portalis, who inherited the estate in 1752, helped draft the Napoleonic Code and assisted at the negotiation of the Concordat under Napoleon the First. The estate was devastated during the French Revolution and suffered the effects of the phylloxera epidemic in the 19th century. Suzanne Portalis and her daughter, Arlette, retreated to the domaine during World War II and undertook to revive the domaine. The domaine is currently under the direction of Cyrille Portalis, the sole direct descendant of Suzanne and Arlette. He continues to maintain the great traditions of this estate and is assisted by his wife, Magali, and now his two sons, Etienne and Edouard.


The vineyards are cultivated in as natural a manner as possible with reliance on organic methods. In fact, for many years during the spring months sheep grazed in the vineyards thereby eliminating any need to use herbicides and at the same time providing a natural compost. The wines of Pradeaux are brooding and difficult. Produced on the back of the noble Mourvèdre, Pradeaux in its youthful stages is tannic, backward and sometimes ornery. The wines are not destemmed; élevage in large oak foudres can last as long as four years; vines of less than 25 years of age are not used for the reds. The traditional Bandol wine is 95% Mourvedre, from vines that are 25 years and older. Traditionally vinified, it includes stems that will contribute to the powerful structure and savory herb notes. The wine spends four years in large barrel before bottling. Dense black fruit, ‘Herb de Provence’ and smoked meat- this wine needs hearty food.

Catherine Walker of the Boulder Wine Merchant has chosen wines to accompany our menu. There is more than one wine available for each course to allow you to choose the wine or wines that best suit your taste and budget. These wines are available for purchase from the Boulder Wine Merchant, and will be delivered to you at the table. Wine purchases are limited to one bottle per guest in the party. A small delivery and handling fee has been added to the retail price of the bottle. 


For insurance reasons, guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to a farm dinner.

The deadline for purchasing wine for the Toohey & Sons
Farm Dinner is
8 PM on Wednesday, August 17.
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