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Esoterra Culinary Garden

When the 2018 intern group met Mark DeRespinis for the first time, they were entranced. At the time, Mark had just begun farming a parcel out at McCauley Family Farm (although he certainly was not new to farming). Mark's energy was, and is, contagious. As he danced through the rows, he plucked little bits of flora and held it out for the interns to try, with every bite, the interns, with eyes wide, grew more fascinated, and dare I say, in love, with Mark and his garden. Planning a menu around Mark's garden is a lesson in vegetal vocabulary. We are sure to be introduced to some new variety of sorrel, or radicchio, or flower. Mark's passion for introducing people to plants they've never heard of has taken Boulder by storm. You can find his meritorious produce and garnishes on the menus of some of the best restaurants in Boulder and Denver. 

Mark now farms a beautiful piece of land on 95th and Valmont and he is as he says "property proud". Once you see it, you'll know why. 

Photographs by Jane Cavagnero

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