Dinner Time. Meadow Lark Farm Dinner times vary with day of the week, season, and weather; we usually begin between 5:00 and 6:00 pm. Confirmed guests will receive an email two days before the dinner with the exact start time, instructions for purchasing wine, and directions to the farm. Guests are greeted by our hosts—the farmers—and offered an apéritif and, for those interested, an informal tour of the farm. Dinner is served shortly after.

Menus. Our menu is inspired by the day's harvest. For this reason, we are unable to announce the evening's menu ahead of time. We hope you'll enjoy the surprise and diversity of foods fresh from the farm, prepared in an uncomplicated style. Each meal consists of a set menu of several courses prepared on-site. 

Reservations. We open reservations for Meadow Lark Farm Dinners one month at a time. Reservations are allocated during a 24-hour lottery period: lottery submissions are accepted online, through our website, only. After the 24-hour lottery period, open tables may be reserved via our website, and waitlists are available for sold out dinners. If you've entered the lottery and we are able to accommodate your reservation request, you will receive an invoice. To learn more about this process, please read about our Reservations Lottery. Note that your reservation is not confirmed until your payment is received. Payment must be received within 48 hours of your invoice time/date. Unpaid reservations will be void.

Cancellations. If you must cancel, your reservation will be refunded if you contact us at least 10 calendar days in advance of the dinner. A $25 processing fee will be applied for a cancelled table.

Wine. Because Meadow Lark Farm Dinners are mobile, Colorado law prohibits us from obtaining a liquor license and selling wine. We work with the Cured, LLC. to select wine pairings for each of our menus. An emphasis is placed on artisanal wines from organic or biodynamic production. Confirmed guests will receive email notification of the selections two days before their dinner date, and will be able to purchase wine online directly from Cured, LLC. Purchased wine is delivered to the table. Water is complimentary. 


For insurance reasons, guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to a farm dinner.

Rain. Our tables can be covered with tents to protect from a light drizzle. In more serious weather, a dinner may be canceled. In the event of a cancellation, you can either receive a refund, or apply your payment to another dinner. Every effort will be made to accommodate you on another evening.

Private Farm Dinners. We receive many inquiries about scheduling a Meadow Lark Farm Dinner for a private party. While we've enjoyed working with private parties in the past, we will no longer be offering private farm dinners. Our season is short, and we'd like to keep as many dinners open to the public as possible. If you have inquiries about an event outside our June-September farm dinner season, please inquire with


Children. Please bear in mind that our dinners take place on private property, and remember to respect the privacy of the farm's residents and the fragility of the crops. Children are welcome at the table, but may not be left unsupervised. Because our dinners are limited to 42 guests, we cannot offer discounts for children.

Cost. Our dinners are $900 per table. Each table can seat up to six people, making one seat $150, this includes gratuity. This is an increase from last year's prices. Please consider that we have not raised our prices since 2015 and in that time, the cost of business has increased in every way. It takes a great deal of labor to bring our kitchen and our table to so many fields, and to pack it all up at the end of the night. It is imperative that we pay our interns and chefs a livable wage. And of course,  we buy only the best ingredients for our dinners. Our menus are centered on the day's harvest—we purchase as much as possible from the farms that host us. Everything else is supplemented from the farmers' market or other local growers. Eggs are sourced from local farms, fresh cheeses are from Colorado artisans who milk their own animals. Meats come from within a small radius around Boulder, from people we know and trust. Our fruit comes from local farms, or the Western Slope. We use only heirloom grains. Even our olive oil is imported by dear friends, and is certified organic. In addition to the purchases we make, we share our profit with the farms that host our dinners.

Phones & Things. We understand that many of you have important people you need to stay in touch with while you are at dinner, and that you will need to keep your phone at hand. And of course there are beautiful sunsets and memories to be captured... We simply ask that if you need to use your phone, you step away from the table to do so, and that you please keep your phones and other gadgets off the table. Thank you.

Covid-19. In order to provide a safe dining experience for all our guests, we are changing up our table arrangement. Rather than one long table as we have had in past years, we will have 7 tables, set up 6 feet apart. Each table can seat up to 6 people. One table is $900. By entering your name in the lottery, you are signing up to reserve one full table, with a maximum of 6 seats, and to securing your reservation with a $900 payment within 48 hrs of receiving your invoice. We ask that you let us know by 8pm the night before the dinner how many guests will be at your table so that we may set it accordingly. We hope you find this Covid precaution to be an opportunity to gather with your close ones for a unique and special night and do not view it as a burden. Thank you for understanding.

Waitlists. If you are interested in attending a dinner that is already sold out, please add your name to the waitlist for any dinners of interest. We will contact our waitlist if any openings arise.