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Cure Organic Farm

For over a decade now, Cure Organic Farm has been growing crops and grazing livestock on all four corners of Valmont and 75th Street, just east of Boulder. Approaching the intersection, we locals are always on the lookout for Wilbur, the Berkshire boar, a drift of furry Mangalitsa piglets, or a flock of spring lambs guarded by a llama; we wave to the farm interns working the fields, and honk at Anne whenever she's gingerly maneuvering the tractor between the rows of delicate crops. Anne Cure lives on site with her family—in the farmhouse overlooking the fields. Cure grows over 100 varieties of organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. Their harvest is taken to farmers' markets and local restaurants, and enjoyed by 150+ CSA members. And from May into December, the farm store is stocked with what's in season, as well as eggs, meat, honey and wool. Cure loves to involve the community in their farm: they host summer kids camps and weekly volunteer days, and the annual Easter Egg Hunt and fall Pig Roast are hugely popular—as are our farm dinners at Cure Farm!

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