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Speedwell Farm & Gardens

Meadow Lark was introduced to Mel and Cody of Speedwell in early 2021. Their energy, enthusiasm, and generosity compelled us to add a Speedwell dinner to our summer schedule. While their farm may be newly established, both of them have been working in the field for some time. They care deeply about regenerative farming practices and the health and wellness of their community. They grow a variety of vegetables available through a CSA membership, select restaurants in the Boulder/Denver area, and the well stocked refrigerator of Moxie NoBo. When you walk their grounds, you'll find neatly lined rows of sprightly veggies, meticulously maintained hoop houses, a jacuzzi bath tenderly washing their most recent harvest, perhaps even their sweet pup, Eldur. They share land with two other farmers, one growing flowers, the other wheat and veggies. Together they make up the "Treehouse Collective" - a beautiful symbiosis and farming model you don't see every day. When they're not farming it seems they are always hosting members of the community, likely for a pizza night, using their wood-fired pizza oven. 

Photographs by Jane Cavagnero

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