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Aspen Moon Farm

Arriving in Hygiene in 2009, Jason Griffith and Erin Dreistadt quickly turned Aspen Moon Farm into a cornerstone of their community centered around the tiny town of Hygiene. Stewarding ~90 acres that are certified USDA Organic, they keep bees, a wandering band of cats and dogs, and grow a huge variety of exquisite crops. As a biodynamic farm, Jason and Erin must ensure that the fertility of their soils is replenished from the farm itself. To that end, they use cover crops, a careful rotation of plantings and their own compost. Jason is particular about his compost: every leaf and shoot, husk and stem, heading for the heap is carefully considered. His compost pile is more meticulously composed than most people's dinner plates! But Aspen Moon crops speak for themselves… Two cold-frame hoop-houses ensure a bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes and peppers, and a growing berry patch provides much sought-after raspberries. Locals stop by Aspen Moon's seasonal road-side Farm Stand to pick up seasonal produce, just-picked berries or bouquets of flowers. The farm’s mission is to feed as many people as much good food as possible: they regularly donate produce to food banks, run a CSA program, host educational farm tours, and—lucky for us—farm dinners.

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