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Meadow Lark Farm Dinners are a celebration of Colorado's farmers and food artisans. From June to September, we invite you to meet the farmers, walk through the fields, and enjoy a handcrafted meal in the company of your friends and neighbors. Our menus, inspired by the morning's harvest, are prepared on-site: a carrot pulled from the soil at dawn becomes a colorful, chilled soup served by twilight; tomatoes, still warm from the sun, need nothing more than a sprinkling of salt; just-picked sour cherries find their way into a jewel-like tart. Dinners unfold at a long table set between the rows, or in a prairie meadow, or by a field of rustling wheat. Every evening is an occasion to taste the flavors of our brief yet bountiful growing season. 

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

William Carlos Williams

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