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We have an opening on board Bella, our kitchen-bus, for our 2022 season of farm dinners in Boulder County, Colorado.


Our 2022 season will run from July 02 through September 24. This position can be full-time (one planning day; two prep days; and two dinner days a week) or part-time (one planning day; one prep and one dinner day a week). Either way, we require a commitment for the duration of our season.


This is a salaried position. Salaries depend on qualifications and weekly commitment.


Please read our website carefully to understand how we roll. We want to make sure that you share our values, our commitments to our team, our hosts and our guests, and our passion for working with some of the best farm produce in Colorado.​

Employment Opportunities: 2022 Farm Dinner Chef

Some important things to highlight:


  • This is a teaching position. Our team includes four interns with varying levels of training in the food realm. Chefs are responsible for coordinating intern responsibilities, and instructing interns in all areas of menu planning and food preparation. Experience managing a team is of great value.


  • Our dinner days are very long. Please read our Internship Description to understand what a typical week and typical farm dinner day look like.


  • We cook outdoors, on a three-burner gas stove and on a wood-fired grill. Experience cooking on hardwood fire will come in handy, as will the ability to stay calm and flexible in trying and ever-changing outdoor conditions.​


  • Chefs arrive on the farm—and depart at the end of the day—at the same time as the rest of the team. Independent transportation is required.



  • Chefs are not exempt from unloading and re-loading our equipment, carrying chairs and tables, setting up tents, washing dishes on dinner days, etc. We work as a team throughout the season. A strong back is a strong asset.


  • When it comes to meat, we work almost exclusively with whole animals. Experience in whole animal butchery and charcuterie is essential.


  • Excellent communication is paramount, as is attention to detail, cleanliness, careful handling of our equipment, and a positive disposition that does not wilt in the course of a long day.


If our bus sounds like your dream kitchen, get in touch! Please send a note, along with your resumé, to


We look forward to meeting you!



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