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Pairings for July 21 at Aspen Moon Farm:


Brasserie Dupont Foret Saison $14.98


Brewed by Brasserie Dupont (one of the oldest breweries in Belgium), the Foret Saison was the first 100% certified organic beer to be produced in Belgium. The beer is crafted with organically cultivated hops and barley as well as filtered artisan well water, providing the beer with a distinct and unique mineral quality.


A light bodied, refreshingly smooth beer with a bold malt flavor, Foret Saison has distinct aromas of bread, clove and pepper, finishing with a dry herbal note and complex fresh citrus flavor. Please note this is a 750 mL bottle.



Patrick Bottex ‘La Cueille’ Bugey-Cerdon Methode Ancestrale $41.98


Bugey is one of the best-kept secrets in France. It is the geographical crossroads of the Savoie, Jura, Burgundy, and the Rhône. The region and winemaking go back to Roman times, but it was only in 2009 when the appellation was first awarded AOC status. Cerdon is one of three crus within the appellation of Bugey and is the only one whose entire production is sparkling wine. La Cueille is one of seven villages surrounding the medieval town of Ponsin. Patrick and Catherine Bottex have been working five hectares of land here since 1991 and only produce a few hundred cases of wine. The Bottex blend is generally 90% Gamay, with 10% Poulsard. It is made using Méthode Ancestrale, a rare technique that predates Méthode Champenoise. The wine goes through primary fermentation and is then bottled before all of the residual sugar is converted to alcohol. There is no dosage and the resulting wine is refreshing, bright, sparkling, and pink, with a touch of sweetness depending on the vintage. 


2015 Domaine d’Aupilhac ‘Lou Maset’ Rose, Languedoc, France $25.98

Located in the village of Montpeyroux in the Languedoc region of southern France, the eighteen hectare, Domaine d’Aupilhac has been farmed by the Fadats family since the nineteenth century with the vineyards dating even further back in time to the Romans. In 1989, Sylvain Fadat took over the estate and the process of converting the property to organics whereby he is fully credited with the wines we are fortunate enough to enjoy today.  


Aupilhac is very a special parcel of land, sitting at a high altitude of 1,200 feet above sea level with southwest sun exposure, nestled below the ruins of the village’s chateau.  The ‘Lou Maset’ Rose is comprised of Grenache, Cinsault, Mouvedre and Carignan, 8-15 year old vines, grown on limestone, clay, and blue marl with fossil deposits.


The rose is crafted using the saignée method, a technique capable of producing some of the longest lasting rose wines. Actually a by-product of red winemaking, 10% of the juice during red wine fermentation is bled off and the leftover bled wine or “Saignée” (Saigner meaning “to bleed” in French) is then fermented into rose.  Wines made from this method are typically much darker than maceration method wines and more savory.


The 2015 ‘Lou Maset’ is a medium bodied, fleshy, generously textured rose overflowing with aromas of current and spice with strawberries, raspberries and savory herbaceous notes on the palate. 




2013 Domaine Ciringa, ‘Fosilni Breg’ Sauvignon Blanc, Slovenia $28.98


In 2009, the Tement family, a 3rd generation farming and winemaking family synonymous with great Austrian wine, had the opportunity to purchase a vineyard site bordering their famed Zierrig vineyard on their Austrian estate across the border in Slovenia. From this acquisition, Domaine Ciringa was born.  


Located on a large steep hill, once a massive coral reef under the ocean, the 20 hectare, single vineyard Fosilni Breg (fossil mountain), is an exceptional plot planted to Sauvignon Blanc.  The fossil depicted on the Ciringa label is a photograph of a fossil found in the vineyard and represents the importance of the coral shell and limestone soil in crafting terroir driven mineral rich wines.  


Committed to biodynamic farming practices, winemaker Armin Tement, creates a Sauvignon Blanc speaking less of fruit and more of its sea inspired minerality. Flinty on the nose with a puristic chalky minerality on the palate, this youthful, bright, crisp wine exhibits aromas of peaches, dog rose, herb, and pepper with light grapefruit, orange and lemon shining through on the palate.  

2015 Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko, Santorini, Greece $38.98


Paris Sigalas began Domaine Sigalas out of his home in 1991. Widely considered to be the top producer in Santorini, Sigalas masterfully crafts wines that are bewitching in their expression of terroir and minerality.  Furthermore, Sigalas is a pioneer in organic viticulture and universally praised for his skill with Assyrtiko, a white varietal indigenous to Santorini.


The island of Santorini has one of the most unique terroirs in the world formed in part by one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in human history. Around 1600 BC, a massive volcanic eruption took place on the island creating a tidal wave of magma claiming the lives of millions around the Mediterranean crescent. Thought to be the most powerful volcanic event in the last 10,000 years, the eruption is estimated to have been fifty thousand times as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb. As a result, the soil of Santorini, known as aspa, is comprised of pumice stone, volcanic ash, lava rocks, and sand. The high content of sand found in the soil makes Santorini one of the rare winemaking areas in the world not attacked by phylloxera allowing the vines to retain their original rootstock. Strong winds and persistent sun are another characteristic of the terroir of Santorini and in order to protect the grapes, vines are trained in low basket shapes called “ampelies” locally forming a unique pruning system.


Domaine Sigalas Assyrtiko is straw blond in color with light shades of green and a delicate nose bursting with citrus fruit and white blossoms. Excellent depth of flavor and acidity, the wine is fresh and light with high mineral tones characteristic of grape and place.


2014 Michel Bouzereau et Fils, Bourgogne Chardonnay, Burgundy, France $51.98


The Bouzereau family has cultivated vines in Meursault for seven generations, an appellation located in the Cote de Beaune within the commune of the Cote d’Or in Burgundy, France. Despite containing no Grand Crus, there are more top producers in Meursault than in any other commune of the Côte d’Or.  Its wines are typically rich and savory with nutty, honeyed hints and buttery, vanilla spice from oak use during aging.


Michel Bouzereau comes from a large winemaking family and has in the past held the post of President of the Burgundy Growers Union. He is a huge proponent of the traditional way of making wine, fermenting in cask and aging on the lees for nine months. Michel’s son, Jean-Baptiste is now in charge of the eleven hectare estate, and whilst respecting his father’s traditionalism, has instilled a lively, modern freshness in the wines as well.


The Bourgogne Blanc made of 100% Chardonnay comes from vineyards within the boundaries of Meursault but just outside of the appellation. It is a terrific value for a delicious well-crafted white Burgundy.  


A very pretty nose with lots of fresh floral notes, white peach, lemon and a hint of vanilla, this wine has a delicate oak presence and an expansiveness on the palate. This is a perfect wine to travel with you throughout the duration of the meal. 




2015 Abbazia di Novacella, Schiava, Alto Adige, Italy $28.98


Founded in 1142 by the Augustinian Order, the Abbazia Di Novacella is located in the town of Novacella within the Alto Adige region of northeastern Italy.  The estate is run by Monks that have taken vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to their superiors while also working to support themselves as part of their community.  The Abbey grows grapes for winemaking, farms apples and vegetables, and also maintains a small school devoted primarily to studies of viticulture. With a stellar reputation in the winemking community (2009 the Abbey’s enologist won winemaker of the year), the estate produces outstanding red and white wines.  


Schiava, also known as Trollinger, is an Italian and German grape varietal (Trentino-Alto Adige was once land owned by the Germans).  Cultivated on mineral rich soils at high elevation with a cool climate, the Abbey produces wines with intense aromas and flavors and bright, fruity acidity.  


A classic young Italian red, this wine has notes of thyme and nutmeg dust, a tart cherry core with crushed strawberry and orange zest and a delcious finish with hints of leather, tobacco leaf, and gentian. Great food pairing wine!


2013 Domaine Jaeger-Defaix, Rully Clos du Chapitre Premier Cru, Burgundy France $46.98


Domaine Jaeger-Defaix, located in southern Burgundy in the Cote Chalonnaise is the 4.5 hectare family estate of Hélène Jaeger-Defaix, wife of Didier Defaix (famous Chablis producer and winemaker at family estate Domaine Bernard Defaix). Brilliantly situated and organically farmed, most of the Jaeger-Defaix vineyards are classified as premier cru.  Hélène’s history in Burgundy runs deep as her great-grandfather, Henri Niepce, was instrumental in achieving and promoting Rully’s AOC status in the 1930’s.  2004 marked the first vintage under Hélène & Didier’s full control.


The 1 hectare monopole, Clos du Chapitre, surrounded by a stone wall behind the Defaix home in Rully, produces a charming, highly aromatic, textured wine.  100% Pinot Noir, the wine is aged in French oak barrels, 50% new, for 15 months.  The bouquet has very pleasant notes of orange zest, cherry, cranberry, tobacco leaf, light mushroom, roses and violets with a hint of dried leaves.  The palate is bright and delicately carries the earthy notes found on the nose.  

2013 Whitcraft, Syrah Clover Creek Vineyard, Santa Barbara, California $53.98


Chris and Kathleen Whitcraft founded their waterfront winery in Santa Barbara, California in 1985. An owner with an independent spirit, unique location, and desire to craft wines from small lot vineyards, Chris worked with some of the best winemakers in California - Joe Heitz (Heitz Cellars), Dick Graff (Founded Chalone Winery and its AVA) and Burt Williams (Williams Selyem & Morning Dew Ranch) to name a few.  Chris passed away in 2014, but his passion and creation live on through his children. Drake Whitcraft began working with his father in his early 20’s and took the helm in 2007.  While he has great respect for his father’s traditions, Drake’s inventive spirit has taken the winery to new heights.


The 2013 Whitcraft Syrah, comes from what he refers to as “My friend Matt’s Vineyard”, also known as Clover Creek Vineyard in Santa Inez Valley AVA. Fermented with 100% whole cluster, never racked off its lees, and aged in neutral François Frères French oak for 23 months, this wine is clean and impeccably well balanced.  Overflowing with dark fruits, blackberry, mission fig and black current, as well as black pepper, lavender, and earthy herbaceous notes, this Syrah is vibrant and textured.

Catherine Walker of the Boulder Wine Merchant has chosen wines to accompany our menu. There is more than one wine available for each course to allow you to choose the wine or wines that best suit your taste and budget. These wines are available for purchase from the Boulder Wine Merchant, and will be delivered to you at the table. Wine purchases are limited to one bottle per guest in the party. A small delivery and handling fee has been added to the retail price of the bottle. 


For insurance reasons, guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to a farm dinner.

The deadline for purchasing wine for the Aspen Moon Farm Dinner is
8 PM on Wednesday, July 20.
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