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Pairings for June 13 at Pachamama Farm:



Ingrid Groiss 2014 'Sommerwein’—Passionate, emotional, and determined are three words that Ingrid chooses to describe herself when it comes to wine making. While going to school and pursuing other interests, she realized where her heart truly lie, and decided to carry on the family tradition of making fine wine. While not certified organic or biodynamic, she find great importance in sustainable cultivation and preserving the natural environment through conscious land use. I don't speak German, but something tells me that 'Sommerwein' means 'Summer Wine'.  In the glass look for a bright pink color. This wine is 100% Pinot Noir, and brings to the glass aromas and flavors of tart cherry, raspberry, and wild strawberry. With the cooler growing climate and the notoriously fickle grape, acidity remains high to counter richer foods and persuade another sip.  $31.98




Loxarel 2013 Xarel-lo Àmfores—Loxarel wines are ecological and biodynamic; they breathe the countryside and enfold the essence of everything that surrounds the vineyards. In the cellars at Vilobídel Penedès, natural wines with character are at rest, sparkling wines with personality and wines from local varieties which sparkle once more in the lines of Penedès vines after having been forgotten for so many years. This is an interesting wine, made of the native Xarel-lo (say sha-REL-lo), which is most often seen as part of the blend used to make Cava. Here the wine is still, and fermented dry solely with indigenous yeasts.  The winemaker goes back to our roots as winemakers, and the wine is fermented and aged in 750 Liter clay amphorae, just as the Phoenicians did thousands of years ago. These vessels keep the liquid cool while allowing some oxygen exchange just as with oak. The wine is not nearly as funky as some of the Italian examples of amphora-aged wine, with clean citrus, apple, fennel, and a touch of apricot. Look for a medium body with medium acidity and the aromas found on the nose to continue onto the palate with more development. There is just a touch of a yeasty character with a long finish.  An interesting and fun white! $23.98


Vietti 2014 Roero Arneis—The Vietti family name has become synonomus with quality wines in Piedmont, Italy.  The family traces their wine making roots back to the 1800's, but only began selling their production in the early 1900's. In the 1950's quality became of the highest priority, and the winery was one of the first in the area to export to the United States. Today, the winery is organic and produces a fine and unmatched range of wines from the native grapes of the region. Their Barolos in particular are highly sought after and very highly rated (and therefore expensive), but this wine offers all of the same quality and attention to detail at a fraction of the price. Made from the native and unique Arneis grape, look for a straw yellow color in the glass, with floral, citrus, and melon aromas. In the glass, the wine is unoaked, dry, and medium bodied, with crisp acidity and a lingering finish.  A unique flavor I often find in Arneis is that of bitter almond.  This is a great wine for appetizers, perfect to stimulate the palate and welcome the coming meal. $35.98


Avanthia 2013 Godello, Spain—Godello isn't yet a well known grape, but it will be! This grape finds its home in northwestern Spain, and tends to make a fuller bodied wine with some real weight and texture. I tried this wine and was blown away by the similarity to a much more expensive White Burgundy. This is a very serious example of Godello, with pretty tree fruit aromatics, which continue through to the palate. Oak aging is employed in moderation, adding to the weight and power of this bottle. But it is the acidity owning to a cool growing climate that really makes this bottle sing and gives it a great versatility in paring with food. $46.98




Syrah d'Ogier 2012—Stephane Ogier is one of the finest producers in France right now, making wines from the Northern Rhône, and more specifically, Côte Rôtie. While this wine is not exactly Côte Rôtie, it is made with the same care and in the same facility as the top wines of this Domaine. Stephane is a young man who spends all day in the vineyards, and for those who have not visited the area we are talking about slopes that can exceed a 60% gradient. The Ogier red wines are based on the Syrah Grape, and offer amazing depth, polish, and balance. Syrah from the Northern Rhône is one of my favorite wines to suggest to customers who like Pinot Noir. These wines share a similar finesse to the wines of Burgundy and pair beautifully with grilled meats. $31.98


Bellus 2013 Frappatto 'Scopello’—Bellus means “beautiful” in Latin. Not long ago Jordan Salcito, then a sommelier at Eleven Madison Park, started looking for wines to recommend to friends that embodied her values and weren’t prohibitively expensive or impossible to find. This made her start taking a critical look at wines available in the market place. She realized there were no wines that met all the criteria she and her friends were looking for in a bottle. So she created Bellus. All grapes used in the wines are organically grown with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture.  In the glass find the wine a bright ruby red with an inviting nose of red berries, cherries, and roses. On the palate, find a medium body with a lithe structure, tart red fruit, and a touch of earthiness and light tannin.  Like many Sicilian wines, it is the structure, fruit, and acid that make this a great food friendly wine. $36.98


Il Censo 2011  Njuro—Il Censo is a project started by Gaetano Gargano and his wife, Nicoletta, in close cooperation with Giampiero Bea of Paolo Bea. Gaetano, a Sicilian by birth, has spent much of his adult life in banking while living in Rome. He became, and still is a client of the Bea family and, impressed by the work the Beas have done in Umbria, he decided to rejuvenate the old family property in the hamlet of Bivona in southwest central Sicily close by the village of Palazzo Adriano. With the counsel of Giampiero Bea, the Gargano family has replanted hillside vineyards to two local grape varieties: Cataratto (white) and Perricone (black), also known in local dialect as Njuro Cani (black dog). The vineyard is managed organically. As is usual with a Giampiero Bea design, the label of each wine provides much detail. The wine is fermented with indigenous yeasts without temperature control. If you are familiar with the wines of Paolo Bea or other extremely naturalistic winemakers, this will be a hit. Fruit is not the first thing that springs out of the glass, but rather impressions of the Mediterranean countryside—artichokes, herbs, and garlic all come to mind. Find some tart cherry and raspberry with closer examination. Some tannin stands out on the finish. It is a good representation of the grape and place, but definitely different from the status quo.  For adventurous souls! $50.98

Andy Rose of the Boulder Wine Merchant has chosen wines to accompany our menu. There is more than one wine available for each course to allow you to choose the wine or wines that best suit your taste and budget. These wines are available for purchase from the Boulder Wine Merchant, and will be delivered to you at the table. Wine purchases are limited to one bottle per guest in the party. A small delivery and handling fee has been added to the retail price of the bottle. 


For insurance reasons, guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to a farm dinner.

The deadline for purchasing wine for the Pachamama Farm Dinner is
8 PM on Friday, June 12.


Unibroue Don de Dieu—The name translates to ‘gift of god’ and this is certainly one of my all time favorite beers. A triple wheat ale, the nose is marked by the distinctly aromatic and spicy character of the house yeast strain. In the glass, look for a slightly cloudy deep golden color, with streaming carbonation and a pillowy white head. A fruity, yeasty, and slightly malty flavor with smoothness and that indefinable quality of a Belgian ale.  However, this is made in Quebec! Unibroue was the first Belgian-influenced brewery in North America, and all of their beers have won multiple awards. One of the elite! Please note this is one 12 oz bottle. $3.48

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