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Lykin's Gulch Farm

Lykin's Gulch was one of the first farmsteads in Boulder Valley—and one of the stops along the Pony Express! Situated right between Boulder, Longmont, and Lyons, it has long enjoyed abundant snowmelt from the mountains, bountiful harvests from old apple orchards, and herds of elk venturing out into the plains. Lykin's Gulch is not a market farm. Rather, the gardens supply the seven families that live on this unique property. Thea Tenenbaum and Rafaele Malferrari have lived on site since 1984—they built their lovely home with their very own hands. As potters, they work out of their grapevine-covered ceramics studio; and they are the primary caretakers of the garden, the heart of the farm. What a splendid garden it is! Lele nurtures the soil through biodynamic preparations and meticulous composting. The harvest is exquisite: giant orbs of cabbage, tender radicchio, twisting vines of Fortex beans. The farm's chickens feast on fresh greens and supply the small community with eggs. By pickling, fermenting and drying much of their harvest, Thea and Lele eat from their land throughout the year. Lykin's Gulch Farm is a beautiful example of local food production, and a very intimate setting for our dinners. 


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