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Munson Farm

Munson Farm is a Boulder Classic. The corner of 75th and Valmont is a busy place come July, when the first of the Munson's famous sweet corn is ready for picking. The farm stand is often swarming with locals looking for their share of just-picked  'peaches & cream'. And you know they're truly just-picked when you get them there: Bob Munson would have never sold you an ear that wasn't picked that morning. By August, peaches from the family's western slope orchard arrive at the stand. By September, it's all about pumpkins—thousands and thousands of different kinds of winter squash, from the familiar butternut and kabocha to the fanciful and fantastic Long Island Cheese pumpkins and Pink Banana squash. Bob Munson's passing in the late summer of 2015 was huge loss for his family and friends, the Front Range farming community, and for all of us at Meadow Lark. Bob was the perfect host to our guests. He was well-known for his storytelling, and would always take you out into the fields to harvest a bit of your own dinner. Now, Bob and Marcy's sons, Chris and Mike Munson, carry on the family's passion. We are grateful to them for welcoming us and our guests back to their farm for another season. We will forever hear Bob's voice as we set our table beneath those giant cottonwood trees, right where he liked it.

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