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Oxford Gardens

When Peter Volz came to Boulder in the late 70's, he began tending a plot in the Hawthorne Community Gardens, learning from the Hawthorne community and deploying the lessons imparted by his mother, an expert gardener. As it turned out, Peter had inherited her green thumb… By 2007, he was ready to turn his passion for growing food into his vocation. He turned over his garden plot to China, and established Oxford Gardens on John and Felicity Brown's land off of Oxford Road. Peter quickly became known for his spicy arugula and mizuna, and for the tender, sweet-tasting turnips and carrots grown in the property's exceptional soil. Since our first season, Peter's three acres tucked behind a stand of cottonwood trees have been a favorite and intimate setting for our farm dinners. With Peter's ever-expanding range vegetables—he now grows more than 100 varieties of his favorite crops—it's no surprise that Oxford Gardens would outgrow their three lovely acres. Last winter, Peter moved again, just down Oxford Road to land that was converted from an alfalfa field into a fertile farm by none other than Rich Pecoraro and Shanan Olson of Abbondanza. This beautiful property quietly surveys the distant front range, and promises to be a productive home for Peter's family and Oxford Gardens in the years to come. 


Meadow Lark Farm Dinners at Oxford Gardens:

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