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McCauley Family Farm

Marcus McCauley is all about creating community through food. As manager of his family's farm, he has brought together a diverse group of talented and passionate people to transform 40 stunning acres into a sanctuary for ecologically-minded farming and foodcrafting. In addition to the McCauley family, the farm is home to chickens, sheep, alpacas, bees and rows upon rows of food crops. Using biodynamic practices and sustainable growing traditions, the farm specializes in bio-regionally adapted seeds of native food species as well as Old World cultivars. Irrigated by natural high mountain snow melt, the fields turn into a verdant landscape every summer. Marcus makes sure to extend the harvest throughout the year: as a trained chef, he's taken to filling his customers' pantries with jars of handcrafted foods—everything from wild-fermented kimchi to pickled linden berries and chokecherry jelly—and preparing lunch for lucky volunteers and on Family Farm Days.

Our 2022 Farm Dinner with McCauley Family Farm will take place on July 23rd, 2022. All seats are currently sold but you can add your name to the waitlist here

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