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Pairings for September 8 at Munson Farm:


2017 Haykin Family “Jonathan” Cider (750mL) $25

Daniel and Talia Haykin started Haykin Family Cider as hobbyists. Inspired by their love of Sparkling wine, they sought to make a similar beverage out of apples. Now, their ciders- with tiny bubbles and locally-sourced apples- are award-winning crowd pleasers. They are based out of Aurora, Colorado, and know their apple growers, press their own fruit and bottle in-house to create their “effervescent apple wine.”

Made from Apples grown by the Ela Family Farm in Hotchkiss, Colorado, the Jonathan is an intensely flavored American heirloom, with a powerful combination of tart and sweet. This cider showcases bold red apple character alongside pomegranate notes, with a refreshing acidic bite and a touch of sweetness.




2017 Le Grand Bouqueteau Rosé, Chinon, France $26

Le Grand Bouqueteau is about as classic of a French chateau as you can get. Château du Coudray Montpensier, the owners of Le Grand Bouqueteau, was founded in the 11th Century, the current castle dates from the 14th and 15th Century and has been home to four noble families. The estate has undergone many additions and improvements since it's original construction, and now stands as a quintessential French estate spread over many hectares. In fact, the estate grew so big that it was abandoned in 1997 as a money-pit, but was purchased by Christian Feray in 2005.
Although Chateau du Coudray Montpensier predominantly serves as an event space, historical site, and tourist destination, they do also make a little bit of red and rosé wine. Made 100% from Cabernet France, the rosé is a pale orange color with notes of citrus and floral, and a hint of english peas that makes it an amazing pairing for light, summer meals.


2016 Château Moncontour Vouvray Sec, Loire Valley, France $26

Château Moncontour is perhaps my favorite château in all of France for the simple reason that it was built for the king's mistress. But not just any mistress, Charles VII's favorite mistress, Agnès Sorel, also known as Dame de beauté. Agnès is considered to be the first officially recognize royal mistress and was the subject of many works of art, most famously and ironically Jean Fouquet's Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels. But it gets better: Agnès introduced the peculiar fashion of wearing a low-cut dress with one breast fully exposed! Mon Dieu! After bearing three of the King's children she died of a suspected poisoning. And although Agnès was dead Château Moncontour lives on to this day - having survived a fire during the French Revolution - and from there some of the best Loire Valley wines are made. Made from 100% chenin blanc, Mouncontour's Vouvray Sec is beautifully perfumed nose of peaches, pears, and apricots, while being crisp and fresh on the palate.

2016 Arndorfer 'Vorgeschmack' White, Niederösterreich, Austria $32

Martin Arndorfer comes from a long line of winemakers, and he grew up in the vineyards and cellar of his parent’s estate. Anna Stieninger is the daughter of Karl Steininger, one of the most respected winemakers in Austria. They are a wine power couple. Both born with a genetic love and a nurtured appreciation for for Riesling and Grüner Veltliner grapes. Arndorfer Estate is located in the northern reaches where wine can grow, only 15 kilometers south it is considered too cold, and the land is dedicated to grain. This cool weather is important for the distinctive style of Arndorfer and soil and climate help the grapes develop a unique regional expression. "Vorgeschmack" is German for "appetizer", and for Martin and Anna this is what they call their "welcome wine". A blend of 80% Grüner Veltliner and 20% Riesling, this is a deliciously fruity wine meant to bring people together and go with salads and light dishes.

2016 Tire Bouchon Bourgogne Blanc, Burgundy, France $39

It's rare to find a wine from Burgundy that is called by a nickname rather than strictly by appellation, but the Tire Bouchon white Burgundy stands up as a serious example of French Chardonnay. Made by a well-established Burgundian winemaker who prefers to remain anonymous on this project, "Tire Bouchon" translates to "corkscrew" in English. Even though the winemaker is a mystery, the quality of this wine is abundantly clear. Rocky, mineral-driven, and well-balanced, it doesn't get much better than this for entry-level Burgundy. Coming from vineyard sites in Meursault and Savigny-les-Beaunes, it is lighter in style with firm acidity and brightness. It still maintains a fruit-forward palate and is incredibly food-friendly: you can pair it with anything from seafood to chicken to creamy pasta dishes.


2016 Luberri ‘Orlegi’ Rioja, Spain $25

Owned by Florentino Martínez Monje, Luberri is located in Elciego in the heart of Rioja Alavesa. Florentino farms 35 hectares of old vines located principally between the villages of Elciego and Laguardia. A farmer at heart, Florentino has a passion for working in the vineyard. All the plots are farmed with minimal treatment of the soils and Florentino keeps his yields low. He made a name for himself by resurrecting the traditional style of semi-carbonic Rioja, and the Orlegi is a return to the traditional light, fruit-forward wines of Rioja Alavesa. Utilizing whole-cluster fermentation for some of the grapes and indigenous yeasts, this is a classic, young Tempranillo from Rioja for everyday drinking. The carbonic maceration technique leads to a bright, berry-fruited profile that many don’t necessarily associate with Rioja, but makes this wine dangerously drinkable. Insanely food-friendly, this lighter example of Rioja can pair with anything from vegetable dishes, pasta with red sauce, and savory meats like lamb and pork.

2015 La Carafe Bourgogne Rouge, Burgundy, France $26

This is a brand new project between the dynamic Little Nell Hotel duo, Wine Director Carlton McCoy, MS and F&B Director Csaba Oveges. They just launched the wines in the market and have been greeted with immediate anticipation and enthusiasm. We have offered their Touraine Sauvignon, Bourgogne Blanc, rosé, and red wine from Corbiéres. This Bourgogne rouge is sourced from a combination of vineyard sites varying in vine age, but all producing outstanding fruit quality. The sites are carefully selected for Pinot Noir grapes that are capable of offering a wine with the perfect balance of freshness and finesse.  2015 is an outstanding vintage and yielded concentrated wines with plenty of depth and flavor.  The La Carafe Bourgogne was carefully fermented using 20% used French Oak barrel and bottled with approachability and drinkability in mind.

2016 Emmanuel Darnaud “Mis en Bouche” Crozes-Hermitage, Rhône Valley, France $36

A young man with a bright future, Emmanuel Darnaud is well on his way toward making a strong name for himself as one of the most talented young winemakers to emerge from the Rhone Valley in the last handful of years, as acknowledged by leading Rhone Valley wine guru John Livingstone-Learmonth. His winemaking education came at the foot of the best, noted Hermitage producer Bernard Faurie, where Emmanuel spent 4 years alongside the artisan vigneron. He started out with just 1.5 hectares and in 2001 produced his first vintage. Fortunately, the domaine has grown in size and as of 2015, with the addition of a single Saint Joseph parcel belonging to now father-in law Bernard Faurie, and currently stands at 15 hectares, mostly scattered about the southern sector of the appellation.  This area is notable for its presence of alluvial stones in the vineyards, not unlike those found in Châteauneuf du Pape further to the south, with pockets of brown clay subsoil underneath, making for supple, round, fruit driven wines.

The Crozes-Hermitage “Mis en Bouche” is 100% Syrah from vines that are 20-25 years of age.  The vineyards are planted to alluvial stones and red clay, with the Mis en Bouche sourced from the younger vines.  The target for this wine is early drinking with vibrant, dark, fresh fruit and expressive violet and mineral aromatics.  The wine is detailed and pure with precise fruit and earth flavors.

Dan Brooker and Emma Sherr-Ziarko of the Boulder Wine Merchant have chosen wines to accompany our menu. There is more than one wine available for each course to allow you to choose the wine or wines that best suit your taste and budget. These wines are available for purchase from the Boulder Wine Merchant, and will be delivered to you at the table. Wine purchases are limited to one bottle per guest in the party. A small delivery and handling fee has been added to the retail price of the bottle. 


For insurance reasons, guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages to a farm dinner.

The deadline for purchasing wine for the Munson Farm Dinner is
8 PM on Friday, September 7.
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