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Talisman Farm

Talisman Farm, just outside of the small town of Hygiene, has been completely transformed since Dick and Diane Dunn got a hold of the property. As soon as they moved in, Dick planted his first apple tree—his goal was to establish an orchard of English cider varieties from which to make his favorite beverage. Eighteen years later, his orchard has more than 300 trees, and an impressive 70 varieties of apple. The vast majority are varieties we'd never tasted or even heard of. Consider these wonderful names: Blenheim Orange, Twenty Ounce Pippin, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Roxbury Russet, Smokehouse, Westfield Seek-No-Further. From these, Dick makes his own apple cider, and we are sure to incorporate a variety in each course. Beside the orchard, Diane tends a flock of laying hens and a productive garden. Again, Old World cultivars are found among the rows: Chantenay carrots, Hamburg parsley, English runner beans.


Mead & Cider Dinner at Talisman Farm:


Saturday          September 1o               $150


Our dinners at Talisman Farm center around apples from the orchard, produce from Diane's garden, and honey. Mark Beran of Medovina will join us at the table to illuminate the process of turning honey into wine. Mead and cider pairings for each of our four courses are included in the price of this dinner.

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